We’re baaaaaaaaack!

Hi everyone! White Horse RV is back blogging. For those of you who missed it, we did have a brief presence under the domain of RVDealerBlog.com that ran for about 6 months. For a variety of reasons, we decided to drop that blog and branch out on our own.

So, what’s this blog going to be all about you ask? Well, what we like to do is find anything interesting and/or informative that’s related to RVing, and post it here for you. Everything from new products that are coming out, to sales we’re having here, to good camping recipes, to tips on how to travel with your pets, pretty much anything! Eventually, we’re also planning on inviting those in our audience to participate as guest bloggers. Maybe share a camping story, review a campground or something else RV related.

As always, your ideas, questions, and comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged. This blog, after all, is really for you, our readers! And for those of you who also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, the biggest difference between those will be that here we can be more in-depth, or tell a story.

That’s it for now. Please check back often as our blog begins to take shape!

Until next time,
Happy RVing!


One thought on “We’re baaaaaaaaack!

  1. Hey White Horse Gang! We love the blogging site for we are always looking for the best of the campsites, the most scenic roads to travel, and fantastic RV tips. I am personally looking for others to share recipe ideas for make ahead (at home) meals to freeze and take on the road with us. I always cook ground meat at home, freeze it in 1 lb. pckgs. to take with us. It makes for a quick meal of chili or spaghetti & meat sauce. I also have a great recipe for a freeze ahead beef stroganoff and I make my stew ahead without the potatoes & carrots, freeze it, and throw it together while traveling. I always travel with my crock pot so while we hit the tourist spots and the scenic byways, our meal is ready when we’re ready to snuggle in for the evening. This we pretty much do on our fall and spring trips…otherwise it is cook out time. Does anyone else have ideas to share? We love to meander highways…like Route 1 thru New England. We are picking up where we left off on our trip down Route 17 starting in Summerville, to Charleston, to Savannah, etc. Any suggestions to stop, etc. along the way? We do know about the Seeweed restaurant on 17 to the north above Mt. Pleasant. What a great southern cuisine and so different ( a 40s/50s type converted former gas station). A must go! Boy, do we feel sorry for the White Horse gang for we get to enjoy traveling the country in our RV while they can only be voyeurs to our trips since their busy season is RV traveling time. We will think about Ed. Jr. & the whole gang as we roll along!

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