Happy April Fools Day!

Okay, so in our post yesterday, we indicated that our blog was going to be devoted to RV related topics, and here we are already going off the board on day two! After performing a variety of internet searches, we had no success in finding RV related April Fools jokes, but we did find some classic jokes from years past that we’d thought you would enjoy.

Here are a few:

The Left Handed Whopper

Back in 1998, Burger King started a marketing campaign in Britain for its new  ‘Left-handed whopper’.   Included in a press release they sent out, it was estimated that Burger King had  11 million visits annually from left-handed customers .

The Left Handed Whopper
The Left Handed Whopper!

The press release also included a quote from  a spokesperson for the Left Handed Club saying: “We are delighted that Burger King has recognised the difficulties of holding a hamburger in your left hand that has a natural right bias to it. We urge all left-handed hamburger lovers to visit their nearest Burger King and taste the difference for themselves.”

Instant Color TV

Convert your black & white TV!

Back in 1962, before color TV had really caught on,  a Swedish television channel broadcast an advisory saying that you could convert your black and white TV to color by covering the screen with a a nylon stocking.  Technical expert Kjell Stensson explained that the fine mesh of the material would cause a reconfiguration of the light particles emanating from the screen. Viewers were advised to tilt their heads from side to side to help with the readjustment process.  Thousands of viewer gave this a try.

The Extinction of Blondes

Blondes Extinct in 200 years?

Back in 2002, the World Health Organization released a statement saying that all natural blondes would be extinct within 200 years. What made this more believable was that global agencies like the WHO are obviously not known for practical jokes. It said that due to the proliferation of dyed blondes and a genetic weakness, the last natural blonde would probably be born in 2202.


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