Fuel For Thought

Yes, it’s time to tackle the age-old question — Diesel or Gas. When it comes to selecting a motorhome, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Surprisingly, the answer isn’t simply a matter of one being better than another. Just like making recommendations for a trailer versus a fifth wheel, or a Class A type versus a Class C, the answer really comes down to the same thing — how are you going to use it. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some guidelines to get you started. You should also consult with your local RV dealer. Make sure you speak to someone with some expertise on the topic.

Do Diesel

Damon Astoria Diesel Pusher
Astoria Diesel Pusher by Damon

In general, the rule of thumb has been if you’re going to put a good number of miles on your motorhome, you should go with a diesel. This point of view still pretty much holds true. For full timers in particular, who can really rack up the miles, a diesel is almost a must. They last longer than their gas counterparts and require routine maintenance less frequently. In general, they also tend to get better gas mileage. The cost is likely to be more than a gas unit, but there are now some nice, affordably priced diesel pushers on the market.

Go Gas

Winnebago Sightseer Class A Motorhome

In general, if you plan to only use your motorhome for short trips, and don’t plan to put a lot of miles on it, then gas will probably work best for you. Typically, gas motorhomes are less expensive too and  easier to work on for the do-it-yourselfers. In the past, diesel pushers were  typically thought to have more to offer as far as your living amenities were concerned. This, however, has changed over the last few years, and you’ll now find that many of your entry-level gas motorhomes now include a good number of luxury items.

Get Torqued

I’m not even going to attempt here to review the complexities of torque/RPMs which can get pretty complicated. That said, if you’re planning on towing a vehicle or trailer, or are planning to do a lot of travel through the mountains, then this is something very important to factor into your decision. Generally speaking, you’re going to find that diesel motorhomes can tow more and have more power than their gas counterparts, but the specifics vary dramatically between the various models.

Always a good idea when making any purchase, especially a large one like this, be sure to do your research and talk to the experts to help ensure you find the right rig for your lifestyle. Good luck!

Until next time.. Happy RVing!!


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