And it’s good for you too!

Good old home cookin!
Good old home cookin!

If you’re an RV owner, you know first hand how much fun RV travel can be. Whether it’s the spontaneity of a last-minute trip to a place you just saw on TV, a planned vacation, or escaping to your travel trailer at a nearby campground, owning an RV provides you with a variety of unique experiences and the freedom to hit the road at a moments notice. Did you know, though, that RVing is also good for your health?

Vacations in general are good for you.

Now, it’s not much of a stretch to figure out that getting away from the day-to-day stresses of work and life would have a positive impact on your health. In fact, recent research by the U.S. Travel association shows that there are a number of health benefits associated with vacationing. For example, an annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%, more than half of the people surveyed said they felt more connected to their families following a vacation, and it also shows that up to 50% of those returning from vacation experienced an increase in their work productivity.

But RV getaways are even better!

The thing that sets RVing a part from a regular vacation is both the convenience and economy of  taking a vacation. These factors give RV owners opportunities to take more frequent vacations and, therefore,  they’re able to reap the benefits of vacationing on a more regular basis.

It’s not just that though. RVing gives you even more benefits than your typical vacation because of  the lifestyle itself.  Traveling in your RV encourages being outdoors and participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging, and swimming. You’ll also find yourself on a more regular eating schedule and gobbling up healthier food by avoiding the pitfalls that can come with eating out every night. And we can’t mention enough how great RV travel is for family bonding and all the benefits that come along with reconnecting with your family and loved ones.

RV Lifestyle Benefits in the News

Earlier this month RV Industry Association (RVIA) President, Richard Coon responded to a request by a Federal Task Force on Childhood Obesity regarding possible ways to stem this epidemic. Citing a February 2010 study by Harris Interactive of RV owners, Mr. Coon was able to convey that 81% of those surveyed found that their children spent less time on sedentary activities like TV and video games when RVing, while 72% said they made healthier eating choices. In a separate RVIA study from March 2010, 74% of those surveyed found that they were more active on RV vacations than any other type of family vacation. The obvious conclusion here is that RVing is one way to promote better health and healthy habits with our kids.

So, what are you waiting for!! The weather’s turning nice and it’s time to get out there and have some fun!!

Until next time, Happy RVing!


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