What a pain in the gas!

This story was originally posted on 3/8/11, just about a year ago. It seems like every year the media and the powers that be that control gasoline prices  feel the need to put a scare into us regarding gas prices. With all the recent media coverage, we thought it would be relevant to re-post this …

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Happy Earthday – Jayco Goes 100% Green!

Today, Jayco announced that all of their products, which includes the Jayco, Starcraft, and Entegra brands, have been “green certified” by TRA Certification Inc. With this announcement, Jayco, Inc. becomes the first major RV manufacturer to become 100% green certified. Their product lines include some of the most popular RV brands in America today such …

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Fuel For Thought

Yes, it's time to tackle the age-old question -- Diesel or Gas. When it comes to selecting a motorhome, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Surprisingly, the answer isn't simply a matter of one being better than another. Just like making recommendations for a trailer versus a fifth wheel, or a …

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