8 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day at the Campground

Happy Arbor Day White House RV Fam! We know that RVs and Trees go together like PB&J. Whether you are cruising down the road watching the Pines fly by on either side, relaxing in the shade of a tall Oak after a long hike, or admiring the natural beauties of your favorite campsite, your RV experiences wouldn’t be the same without trees.

Arbor Day is all about planting, protecting, and celebrating trees, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate!

1. Plant a Tree

This is an easy one. It’s the whole point of the holiday, after all. Try planting a new tree in your community!

The Arbor Day Foundation gives comprehensive instructions on all the basics of tree planting, from where to plant, to what kinds of trees are best to grow in your area. They also offer 10 free trees to anyone with a foundation membership– which start at only $10.

Don’t have time to get dirt on your hands? One Tree Planted allows you to donate money which will result in the planting of a new tree. $1 equals one tree, and you can even choose where it’s planted!

2. Hold a Campground Cleanup

Planting new trees is awesome, but all trees, new and old, need a healthy and clean place to grow. While most campers get the importance of cleaning up their site, some aren’t so thorough, and sometimes, garbage and litter can slip through the cracks.

Start by making sure you don’t have any litter around your site, then branch out to the trails or common areas to help out, and make sure your campground is in tip-top shape!

3. Go on a Nature Walk & ID Trees

This one can be fun for the whole family. Getting out into nature to appreciate the beauty of trees is always rewarding, but you can take it a step farther by getting informed on the types of trees that are native to your campsite or local area!

Learn the physical characteristics of common trees in your area, and then go tree spotting. Families can even turn it into a game! Take the kids on a Tree-Types Scavenger Hunt, and try to check off every species on the list!

Some native trees to look out for in South Jersey are: Hazel Alder, Tulip Tree, Silver Bell, Sweet Birch, Flowering Dogwood, Black Spruce, and American Holly, and Red Oak.

4. Go to a Local Arbor Day Celebration

All over the country, communities and organizations hold events, celebrations, and tree dedications in honor of Arbor Day. Often fun and educational, Arbor Day events are a great option for families looking to celebrate.

Many events hold contests, give out saplings or seeds, and plant new trees in honor of the holiday. Township and Municipal events often introduce and discuss plans for tree planting efforts and beautification at these ceremonies.

This Interactive Map can help you find local events in your state!

5. Learn about the Importance of Trees

Most of us haven’t given much thought to the intricate science of our ecosystem since Middle School Biology, so sometimes it’s easy to forget the important role that trees play in our world. We tend to take our trees for granted. They have always been a fact of life, but without proper attention and care, they may not be for long.

Trees benefit our health, ensure the well-being and longevity of our wildlife, and protect our environment– not to mention, trees beautify our communities and make for the best outdoor experiences.

One Tree Planted outlines six “pillars” to explain the impact of trees on us and our world. Brush up on your own knowledge, or teach the kids about the beautiful ways trees help us every day!

6. Brush up on Fire-Safe Camping Practices

Forest Fires are a huge problem on our dry, hot, Globally Warmed Earth, and the vast majority of these fires are started by humans. The largest causes range from downed electrical wires, to negligently discarded cigarettes, to unattended campfires– which is why this Arbor Day, it’s important to make sure you are camping safe.

Some basic Campfire Safety Rules include:

  • Make sure to check fire conditions and regulations in the area of your site.
  • Build your campfires in a safe location that is free of dry brush and low hanging branches, and downwind and at least 10 feet away from other campsite items like tents, chairs, and RVs.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Always put out your fire before going to sleep or leaving a site.
  • Keep water, an extinguisher, or sand or dirt nearby in case of an emergency.
Image Source

7. Find out what your State is Doing

Arbor day only comes once a year, but environmental efforts are going on all year long.

This Map from the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency lets you discover what people are doing in your state! Everything from recent environmental news, to EPA meeting information, to info about local cleanups, to Federal and State environmental contacts can be found on the EPA’s site. Find out how you can get involved this Arbor Day!

8. Make an Arbor Day Promise

It’s almost like a New Years Resolution, except this promise will not only benefit yourself, but our earth as a whole!

Here are some ideas for goals to include in your Arbor Day Promise:

  • Be Careful with Paper: The less paper we use, the fewer trees we cut down! Vow to go digital, print less, or always double side it!
  • Reuse Everything: Straws, Shopping Bags, Containers, Dishes, Cutlery. It seems like everything comes in disposable these days. The minimal extra effort of cleaning your reusable plates and cups is well worth it for a clean, green earth!
  • Say no to Litter: Make a promise to never litter, and to always pick up anything you see while out in the environment.
  • Respect the Trees: Make sure not to damage trees by peeling off bark, digging up roots, attaching things to trunks using screws or nails, or spraying trees with pesticides.

Arbor Day at the campground can be fun for the whole family. It feels good to help the environment, and to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

While the safety and well-being of our trees are important for everyone, Campers and RVers hold a special relationship with our towering, green friends. No matter where your travels take you, WHRVers, make sure to remember the trees!

Thanks for reading, & Happy Camping!

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